Tag Team Challenges

This is one of our crowd favourites, this is where we host 6 week block weightloss challenges. In these challenges we host people from all over Auckland as they battle to see which team can lose the most weight by the end of the 6 week block and win the crown title.

Athlete Sponsorships

Our main focus is to support our Polynesian & Maori youth succeed in their career paths. If we see potential in an athlete we’re willing to put forward our brand as a supporter and where needed, help with financial support and management operations.

Music Record Label

Arts & Music plays a massive part in the Brown culture. We aim to develop a self funded music label to enable our youth to express their musical talent under close supervision and professional advisory. A lot of our young talent goes to waste and our goal is to prevent that from happening.

Personal Training

We also offer one on one or small group training where one of our exercise professionals can help individuals reach their fitness goals or desired physique. We also sell training programs and nutritional guidelines to suit the goals of individuals.

Brown Army

Brown Army is our team name for the youth that come under our wing. We help get our Polynesian & Maori youth into new challenges and opportunities. Whether it be in sporting competitions or looking for a new career path, we’re willing to walk alongside, not push nor pull.

Event Management

Our goal is to host at least three big events per year which allow Polynesian & Maori people of all ages to come together in unity and fun. Whether it be a social gathering event or a sporting competition, as long as our people are out and having fun,​